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Functional & Non-MS Proteomics


About Profact
Description: ProFACT Proteomics, Inc. is an early-stage corporation founded in November 2004. The Company applies SeraFILE™ - its proprietary Functional Proteomics technology, to accelerate development of therapeutics and diagnostics, principally for cancer. ProFACT has a core executive team in place, scientific advisors, three pending patents and one licensed patent. Funding has come from four New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology (NJCST) grants, the US Therapeutic Tax Credit and internal sources. Service revenues from BioPharma and institutional clients have commenced.
SeraFileThe ProFACT team is highly experienced in developing and commercializing surface chemistries for biomolecule separations and sample preparation. Most of these chemistries have been adapted to consumable research products in partnership with Biotech Support Group LLC. Most notable are: Cleanascite for lipid adsorption, AlbuSorb & AlbuVoid for Albumin depletion, and HemogloBind & HemoVoid for Hemoglobin removal. These products have referenced in well over 100 technical journals with the largest commercial success being the incorporation of ProCipitate protocols into the Human Genome Sequencing Project. This separations experience in now being used in the development and application of a new surface library -SeraFILE for the subfractionation of proteomes into sub-proteomes with reduced complexity and functional characteristics retained for interrogations, producing a characterisitic profile of the sample.
Key Competitive Advantage: The SeraFILE™ deliverable is functional proteomic data, alone or adjunctive to conventional proteomic data. It has immediate value in the discovery, early validation and assay development of biomarkers. Furthermore, as significant conformational events accompany the binding of drugs, the need to generate molecular profiles that characterize the function of one or more gene products working coorperatively is a paramount consideration in drug development. As a result, ProFACT is uniquely positioned to build the bridge from proteomics data to drug discovery, drug repositioning, mechanism of action and personalized medicine.
Business Model: The company pursues a hybrid business model combining revenues from services with a risk capital investment plan. This will allow ProFACT to grow its biomarker and drug target intellectual property portfolio. The company evaluates in-licensing and out-licensing potential opportunistically and welcomes inquires in this regard. The Collaborations link on left describes several mechanisms to access technology.