Functional Proteomics


ProFACT Proteomics has developed a functional proteomics separations and enrichment platform that preserves biological integrity. Using these new tools, proteomic profiles can be derived from naturally sourced disease tissue or cellular models, and post-HTS & fragment compounds can be characterized to help refine lead candidate selection, discover novel biomarkers and provide additional mechanistic insight into suitable disease indications.

Functional proteomics differs from conventional proteomics as it relies in part, on the functional or structural features of intact, non-denatured proteins.  As such, we envision that these functional annotation methods will complement conventional sequence annotation while addressing the problems of drug promiscuity and the subtleties of protein attributes when the same or similar underlying sequence can have multiple conformations and functions, and when different sequences sometime perform the same or similar function.

As a way to begin sifting through these biological complexities, efficient methods to characterize protein function and corresponding modulation are now possible. Starting with the enrichment of prospective functional biomarkers in localized subproteomes, we suggest that structural and sequence relationships can be determined. No other proteomics platform provides such a functional approach with the potential to provide new and useful service to biomarker discovery and personalized medicine.


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SeraFILE PROspector -
A New Functional Proteomics Separations and Enrichment Kit

This kit is a subset of the full SeraFILE™ platform and  includes 6 different surface features which can dfferentially compartmentalize proteins under very mild bind and elution conditions, maintaining the the functional features of the proteins within each of the 12 derivative subproteomes.


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