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ProFACT's Technology Platforms

ProFACT scientists have invented, characterized, and productized new surface chemistries for proteomic and genomic separations with extensive peer-reviewed utility. SeraFILE™ - a proprietary surface library for differential subfractionation, along with a high-throughput infrastructure for proteomic profiling enables ProFACT to cost effectively generate proteomic information on a fee-for-service or partnership basis. The company provides two related service platforms:

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The Proteomics Drug Development Gap

Proteins, not genes, are the principal active engines of biology, comprising the primary intervention targets for pharmaceuticals. Proteomics thus supersedes Genomics, of all the "Omics" disciplines of Systems Biology, as the most promising generator of information translatable to healthcare. Nevertheless, its promise has remained largely unfulfilled.

Systems Biology attempts to reveal disease relationships by uncovering differences in the identity, function and quantity of proteins. No single technology adequately characterizes all three of these aspects, and the precedence given to identity has been based on available methods, most notably 2D analysis and mass spectrometry. With identification technology well advanced, the need remains for simple and rapid methods to uncover differences in protein function and quantification.

Because of improvements made in pre-fractionation, separations, and sensitivity of mass spectrometry, proteomic investigations today are largely focused on detecting low abundance protein(s) unique to a clinically defined disease state. Mass spectrometry drives this discovery pathway for early disease-state biomarkers.

However, it is unlikely that biomarkers so-derived will improve therapeutic intervention beyond early diagnosis because drug development requires a mechanistic understanding of the protein target of action. Such information cannot be interpreted solely from mass spectrometry data, where peptides are the prospective markers and functional annotation remains elusive. Proteomic approaches that not only facilitate biomarker discovery, but also provide a link to functional screening methods can bridge this discovery gap.

ProFACT addresses Proteomics with proprietary functional methods which uniquely uncover and meter both activity and abundance of important enzymes in normal and disease states, ProFACT has validated and extended SeraFILE™ in preliminary studies of the Ubiquitin/Proteasome Pathway (UPP) in primary human breast cancer.

Partnerships and Services

ProFACT works with clients on both a partnership and fee-for-service basis:

Partnerships typically take the form of a negotiated contribution from both parties, with both sides participating in the results and discoveries.

Fee-for-service relationships are client sponsored research whereby the client enjoys unimpeded, complete and exclusive rights, subject to no further compensation, to exploit all information and discoveries that arise from such research.

Confidentiality: ProFACT will not disclose any information obtained in the course of the services provided to clients without the express consent of the client. Confidentiality Agreements are often executed.

Talk to us about your drug development or system biology requirements. For more information, contact Matthew Kuruc at 732-246-1190 or

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